Frida de Voka
Édition limitée, Tirage: 100, Signée
2018 / 2018 VOK03
À propos de l’œuvre


120 x 120

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Qualité de musée exceptionnelle
Emballage Art Security
30 jours de droit de retour
Informations de fond sur Voka
There is hardly a more expressive description for VOKA’s art than “spontaneous realism.” Driven from within, the Austrian artist creates his pieces in a short span, capturing the immediate reality of the moment. Every brushstroke reveals the enthusiasm and immense energy that the painter funnels into his creative process.

VOKA’s ability to be spontaneous is afforded by artistic skill painstakingly honed over the course of decades. Over the course of his life, the self-taught artist has studied more than old masters. He has also experimented with watercolor and developed his characteristic style in oils. His improvisation touches on an in-depth examination of fantastical realism and surrealism. Countless memories flow into every piece, reinterpreted and rearranged by the artist.

This colorful dialog produces unique works that have an extremely positive and dynamic effect on the viewer. The impulse of the moment plays an important role for VOKA, who says: “If I knew in advance how the finished painting would look, it would be boring to paint it at all.”
Curriculum vitæ
VOKA was born in 1965. He lives and works in Lower Austria. His work can be found in collections throughout Europe, Russia, and the USA, and they have been featured at art fairs including Art New York and COFA Cologne Art Fair. VOKA’s works have been auctioned for high prices and appeared in multiple books including Power-Art (2015) and VOKA – Spontanrealismus (2018).
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