Édition limitée, Tirage: 150, Signée
Édition limitée, Tirage: 150, Signée
1989 / 2019
Ivo Von Renner
À propos de l’œuvre

Unsere Heldin der Kosmonautin

70 x 100
100 x 143

Wandobjekt Cut-out

70 x 100 cm (Dimensions extérieures)

Wandobjekt Cut-out

100 x 143 cm (Dimensions extérieures)

€ 999,00
TVA incluse plus € 16 de frais d'envoi | IRE04
Informations de fond sur Ivo Von Renner
On a summer’s day in 1975, German artist Ivo von Renner photographed his girlfriend along a riverbank in Russia. Using a borrowed Polaroid SX70, he photographed his model from different angles. Afterwards, he artfully adhered two pictures together. In this way, the concept was born for his unmistakable double Polaroids. Our gaze travels from the first photograph to the second, which depicts a logical extension of the first. In the following years, the artist continued to experiment with this technique, creating extraordinary nude photographs. His works are especially fascinating for the effect of their duality. The world of the first image leads into the other, and every time you look, new details are revealed. The complex compositions arising from Von Renner’s deliberate fusions challenge the viewer.

The slight grain and gentle contrasts soften reality. This leaves space for all of the stories that could possibly be behind the artwork. We can escape into our own imaginations where we discover new longings. “There always has to be room to keep dreaming,” Von Renner says. His artworks are not about razor-sharp depictions of the female body. Instead, they are all about capturing the authentic mood of the moment. “A tribute to a woman becomes poetry to me and escapes from the realm of physical desire,” he says about his creative process.

Other celebrated artists including Roy Lichtenstein and Andy Warhol have valued the authenticity and immediacy of Polaroid photography. Ivo von Renner has reinterpreted the instant photograph, turning his double Polaroids into a new art form. At LUMAS, his iconic works are available in a special cut-out format, in order to reproduce the arrangement of the analog photographs as faithfully as possible. These works of art are an homage to the Polaroid: unique pieces that reveal a genuine moment captured for all eternity.
Curriculum vitæ
Ivo von Renner was born in Hamburg in 1949. He studied Graphic Design and was a photographer for publications including Stern magazine and Die Zeit newspaper. Von Renner established an international reputation as a commercial photographer with over 250 award-winning ad campaigns to his name. His works can be seen in museums and galleries around the world. Von Renner has taught master classes at the Global Leica Akademie since 2018. He lives and works in Hamburg.

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