Lazarus LVIII de Gavin Evans
Édition limitée, Tirage: 500, Signée
Édition limitée, Tirage: 500, Signée
2020 / 2020 GVE28
Gavin Evans
À propos de l’œuvre

Lazarus LVIII

En 1995, Gavin Evans écrivit une page d’histoire : dans son studio londonien, il captura David Bowie dans des prises de vue fascinantes, devenues mondialement célèbres sous le nom de The Session. Un Bowie en noir et blanc, débordant de charisme et de vie. Le nec plus ultra du portrait photo. Aujourd’hui, Gavin Evans utilise les moyens offerts par la technologie lenticulaire pour dépeindre le chanteur anglais de manière particulièrement vivante dans une série intitulée Lazarus.
60 x 60
100 x 100

LENTICULAR (flip-effect)
Minuscule optical prisms create movement in the lenticular picture.
Framed, Aluminium Artbox black

61,2 x 61,2 cm (Dimensions extérieures)

LENTICULAR (flip-effect)
Minuscule optical prisms create movement in the lenticular picture.
Framed, Aluminium Artbox black

101,2 x 101,2 cm (Dimensions extérieures)

€ 1 299
TVA incluse plus € 12 de frais d'envoi
Qualité de musée exceptionnelle
Emballage Art Security
30 jours de droit de retour
Informations de fond sur Gavin Evans
“I don’t know where I’m going from here, but I promise it won’t be boring,” David Bowie once said. There are countless portraits of the musician, but the 1995 photo shoot for The Session wrote a piece of popular history. That is when Bowie came into contact with British photographer Gavin Evans, who was on assignment for Time Out Magazine in London. That forty-minute photo shoot produced legendary portraits of Bowie that are now among the most famous pictures of the musician. From playful to daydreaming to lost in thought, Bowie revealed many aspects of his personality under Evans' direction. The iconic photographs have already appeared in the auction catalogs of Sotheby’s and on the cover of Rolling Stone.

Our LUMAS piece combines three photographs from The Session into one breathtaking lenticular that uses a series of tiny vertical lenses to create a spectacular effect. Depending on where viewers are standing, they will see one of three distinct Bowie poses.

This dazzling work of art underlines Gavin Evans’ philosophy, who is of the opinion that you cannot accurately portray a person with a single flawless photograph. “Both personalities can be found within the frame,” he says, emphasizing that every image is also a manifestation of the photographer. Over the course of a career spanning decades, Evans has photographed countless celebrities, including Ai Wei Wei, Annie Lennox, Jon Bon Jovi, Daniel Craig, Björk, and Ozzy Osbourne. “I create man in my own image,” he reflects on his creative process.
Curriculum vitæ
Gavin Evans was born in 1964 in Sunderland, England. He has exhibited his photographs in renowned museums including MoMA and the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. In 2015, Evans created the campaign for the Edinburgh International Festival. He has worked for Vogue, The New York Times, and The Guardian. He now lives and works in Berlin.

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