Édition illimitée
2017 / 2020
Johannes Weinsheimer
À propos de l’œuvre

Einstein at Times Square

30 x 40

Contrecollage sous verre acrylique - Lumasec

30 x 40 cm (Dimensions extérieures)

€ 99,00
TVA incluse plus € 9,90 de frais d'envoi | JWI13
Informations de fond sur Johannes Weinsheimer
About the Work

Moments Unexpected – Berlin

In the Berlin subset of Johannes Weinsheimer’s Moments Unexpected series, we see the monuments of the German capital with unexpected intensity and vigor. They stand still, letting time flow over them. At the same time, they become part of the movement, realized with the bustling pace of the metropolis.

A born Berliner, Weinsheimer knows the city inside and out. Not only does he know its hot spots, he knows the best time of day to photograph them. In his work, he captures the spirit of the city as he experiences it: with lots of color and movement.

About the Artist

The photographer’s technique gives his work an unexpected appearance. He processes his pictures with a "virtual putty knife" of sorts to give them the extraordinary verve that characterizes his oeuvre. He softens hard lines and contrasts, transforming what is known and tangible into a dynamic ensemble. This approach is inspired by abstract painting. Weinsheimer grew up in a classic family of artists and studied design at the University of the Arts in Berlin. There, he took up painting before starting to work with a camera. These roots in painting guide his hand as he uses the virtual putty knife to add zest to monuments like the Brandenburg Gate.

In Johannes Weinsheimer’s hands, solid structures become an abundance of movement. He portrays the world through vivid colors and soft forms. In his artwork, the Brandenburg Gate merges into the movement of passersby, its beige hues becoming one with the dark color of the ground. These elements do not stand separately next to each other; they are connected in a fantastic way.

Weinsheimer finds his subjects on his extensive travels, especially in major cities from New York and Hong Kong to Düsseldorf and Munich, his current home. With a keen instinct, he finds the cities’ most important and impressive locations. At the same time, he always keeps a lookout for potential in the colors and tension he can resolve. “I want to create moments of relaxation and lightness while you are viewing the pictures,” the artist says. Now he has reinterpreted his hometown, Berlin, through his personal technique, capturing it for everyone to see.
Curriculum vitæ
1968Born in Berlin
1989-PresentFreelance painter
2005-PresentPhotographic artist
Lives and works in Munich

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