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Frank van der Salm’s large photographs imbue the buildings on modern-day peripheries with a singular aura. As they are often only partially focused, they have the character of architectural models. Scale and topographical location are both treated as secondary, and yet the images promise a wealth of details that actually suggest themselves, only to disappear again. These austere subjects reject the eye’s need for the greatest possible sharpness, taunt the optic nerve and cause a slight unease in the face of perceived blank or at least cloudy spots. Moreover, everything that epitomizes the classical concept of landscape is faded out. What remains are the artificial structures of civilization: patterns made up of glass, steel, and asphalt, enhanced by colorful cars, and illuminated of course by countless artificial light sources. What is there, is there in abundance, creating an almost magical shimmer. But what do we see? We see everything and find out nothing. Frank van der Salm’s photographs are trenchant metaphors of modern visual communication.
Dr. Boris von Brauchitsch
(c) 2006 European Photography, Berlin
1964born in Delft, The Netherlands
1983-1986Delft Polytechnic, Geodesy
1988-1992Rotterdam Art Academy, Photography & Audio Visual Design

Prix (sélection)

2001Maria Austria Award, nomination Amsterdam, NL
4th Werner Mantz Photography Prize, Nomination, Europe (B, D, F, GB, NL)
1999West Art of Now Award, Nomination, Amsterdam, NL Basis-Grant, Stiching Fonds BKVB, Amsterdam, NL Project-Grant, Delft, NL Mondriaan Foundation, Amsterdam, NL
Basis-Grant, Stiching Fonds BKVB, Amsterdam, NL
Project-Grant, Delft, NL
Mondriaan Foundation, Amsterdam, NL
1998Travel-Grant, Stichting Fonds BKVB, Amsterdam, NL
1996Basis-Grant, Stichting Fonds BKVB, Amsterdam, NL
Prix de Rome Photography Award, selection final 6, Amsterdam, NL
1994Starters-Grant, Stichting Fonds BKVB, Amsterdam, NL
Documentation-Grant, Delft, NL
1993MaaskantPrijs/MaaskantAward, Nomination, Rotterdam, NL
1992DrempelPrijs/DrempelAward, Nomination, Rotterdam, NL Starters-Grant, Stichting Fonds BKVB, Amsterdam, NL
Starters-Grant, Stichting Fonds BKVB, Amsterdam, NL

Collections (sélection)

SBK collection Amsterdam, NL
Rabo Bank Netherlands
Private Collectors Europe, United States
Ministry of Internal Affairs The Hague, NL
Ministry of Foreign Affairs The Hague, NL
LaSalle Bank Chicago, United States
KLM collectie Amsterdam, NL
Huis Marseille Amsterdam, NL
Gemeente Museum The Hague, NL
Gemeente Haarlemmermeer Haarlemmermeer, NL
Fries Museum Leeuwarden, NL
Film de Lux Berlijn, Germany
Erasmus Collection Rotterdam, NL
Delta Lloyd NL
Content Artcollection The Hague, NL
Art Bank The Hague, NL

Expositions (sélection)

2005Galerie Judin / Haunch of Venison Zürich, Switzerland
Photo London London, Great Britain, (catalogue) Rotterdam, NL Kunstrai Amsterdam, NL
2004Crown Gallery Brussels, Belgium Rotterdam, NL
2003Art Forum Berlin Berlin, Germany
2002Paris Photo Paris, France
Jan Kesner Gallery (catalogue) Los Angeles, United States
2001 MKgalerie (catalogue) Rotterdam, NL
Galeria Pedro Oliveira Porto, Portugal
2000Fries Museum, Buro Leeuwarden Leeuwarden, NL MKexpositieruimte Rotterdam, NL
MKexpositieruimte Rotterdam, NL
1999 Jan Kesner Gallery Los Angeles, United States NFI, National Institute for Photography Rotterdam, NL
NFI, National Institute for Photography Rotterdam, NL
1998Pennings Gallery (catalogue) Eindhoven, NL
1997Van Wijngaarden Gallery Amsterdam, NL
1993De Boterhal, Art-Centre Hoorn, NL Fotomania Gallery Rotterdam, NL
Fotomania Gallery Rotterdam, NL

Expositions de groupe (sélection)

2006Netherlands Now, Ecole du Nord, Maison Europeenne de la Photographie Paris, France
Städtische Galerie Ravensburg, Germany
2005KW14, Constructed Moment Den Bosch, NL
Gemeentemuseum Den Haag, Rabobankcollectie (Catalgue) Den Haag, NL
Palmbeach Photography Palmbeach, USA
The Ecstasy of Things,Museo di Fotografia Contemporaneo Milan, Italy
PhotoLA, Jan Kesner Gallery Los Angeles, USA
NAI, Netherlands Architecture Institute Rotterdam, NL
Art Brussels, Crown Gallery Brussels, Belgium
Art Forum Berlin, Berlin, Germany
FIAC, Crown Gallery Paris, France
Art Cologne, Galerie Judin / Haunch of Venison Cologne, Germany
2004Venice Biennial of Architecture, Metamorph (Catalogue) Venice, Italy
Huis Marseille, Take Five (Catalogue) Amsterdam, NL
Fotomuseum Winterthur, Im Rausch Der Dinge (Catalogue) Winterthur, Switzerland
Chateau d’Eau, Toulouse, France
2003Post-Nature, Instituto Tomie Ohtake Sao Paulo, Brazil
2002Arles, rencontre de la Photographie Arles, France
PhotoLA, Jan Kesner Gallery Los Angeles, United States
Witte de With, (catalogue) Rotterdam, NL
On track, Atelier HSL, Ned.
Architectuur Instituut Rotterdam, NL
2001ArtBrussels, MKgalerie, Netherlands Brussels, Belgium
Artforum Berlin, MKgalerie, Netherlands Berlin, Germany
Venice Biennial, catalogue Venice, Italy
The Peoples Art, Witte de With, catalogue Porto, Portugal
PhotoLA, Jan Kesner Gallery Los Angeles, United States
2000 Tent Rotterdam, NL
LOeil du Nord, Institut Neerlandais, catalogue Paris, France
ArtForum Berlin, MKexpositieruimte Berlin, Germany
Paard van Troje, Fries Museum, catalogue Leeuwarden, NL
Kunstrai, MKexpositieruimte Amsterdam, NL
Maastricht Art Fair, MKexpositieruimte,catalogue Maastricht, NL
ARCO Artfair, MKexpositieruimte, catalogue Madrid, Spain
Paris Photo, Françoise Knabe Gallery, Germany Paris, France
1999ArtForum Berlin, MKexpositieruimte, Netherlands Berlin, Germany
Kunstrai, MKexpositieruimte, Amsterdam, NL
ArtBrussels, MKexpositieruimte, Netherlands, Brussels, Belgium
ArtFrankfurt, Françoise Knabe Gallery, Germany, Frankfurt, Germany
St’Art, Françoise Knabe Gallery, Germany, Strasbourg, France
MKexpositieruimte, Rotterdam, NL
1998Paris Photo, Pennings Gallery, Paris, France
1997Blonk Series, Leiden City & LAK Gallery, Leiden, NL

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